Monday, March 1, 2010

My Neoclassical Cherubs and Swags from Do It Yourself Chic

Photo by Do It Yourself Chic

Once I saw this neoclassical cherub and swag appliqué suite at the excellent Do It Yourself Chic website, I didn’t know where I was going to use it, but I knew I had to have it.   
It only cost $35 plus shipping, so I gleefully bought it.

I lay them flat out on this salvaged board after I painted it Ralph Lauren’s Cove Point (the chip color scan, I buy only the cheapest paint) white, glued them on with Elmer’s wood glue, and taped them on so they wouldn’t slide.    The next morning, they weren’t quite dry (it was summer), but by evening they were so I installed the panel and painted the appliqués.    The swags are 18”, the drops are 7”.

Most of their products are $10 and under, so for a little money you can make a huge difference.    The best thing about their products is they are made from a strong yet supple plastic material that doesn’t soften in humid weather, and the relief remains crisp and sharp after painting.    Plus, they’re very friendly folks.    If you’re a customer and haven’t visited them in a while, check out their new designs.

So, next time you pass something at a garage sale lacking ‘ooh-la-la’, consider how some Do It Yourself Chic appliqués would make it better.

Until next time, stay snug, warm, and shabby!

The Snowy Shabby Streamside Studio