Friday, February 25, 2011

My Fanciful Designs Rose of French Paper

A set of four Fanciful Designs napkin rings at disegno Karina Gentinetta, about $70.

Photo: Jacqueline deMontravel, ‘Romantic Homes’ October 2010

Photo: Jacqueline deMontravel, ‘Romantic Homes’ October 2010

My giveaway prize front & center on my mantel.

In December, I won a giveaway at the celestial Fanciful Designs studio of artist Noel Solomon.  Sound familiar?   You may have heard of her from her feature in Romantic Homes, or from her mother’s sophisticated French Blue blog.

She fashions tea roses out of a stiff, heavy French paper.  They’re light and heavy at once.  The edges are torn, like fine stationery, adding a stylized feel while remaining acquiescent to the natural shape of a rose.    They don’t look crafted.  They look like art--technically perfect, arresting.

My friend Karina sells Noel’s napkin rings ($70 for 4) at her stunning New Orleans store disegno Karina Gentinetta.   I’m hard pressed to find a shot from my shoot at her store without Noel’s paper roses gracing a vignette.   I found myself using them more than real roses.

Everything about Noel is elegant; from the font addressed on my package to the pretty note card with her sentiments penned inside.  I can’t wait to see what she does with her own wedding—congratulations to her and her fiancé who proposed over the holidays!

If I won a giveaway item from you, your time has at last come -- I spent a lot of time writing posts earlier in the month so you should read about it by spring!

Until next time, stay shabby!

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Giveaway at The Nate Berkus Show!

Hi – Attached and below is information about The Nate Berkus Show’s “Giveaway-a-Day Sweepstakes,” happening NOW!! I thought you might be interested in this fun sweepstakes that offers fans a chance to win original décor pieces created by Nate and his design team. Please feel free to post information about this sweepstakes on your blog and if you have any questions, just let me know. Thanks for all your support!
I just received this message from a producer at The Nate Show -- check it out & good luck!

Fans Have Chance to Win from February 21-March 5

NEW YORK, February 22, 2011 – The Nate Berkus Show, announces the launch of its first ever “Nate’s Giveaway-A-Day Sweepstakes,” giving fans a chance to win décor created on set by Nate Berkus and his design team. Every weekday from February 21st at 8am ET until March 5th at 8am ET, viewers can watch The Nate Berkus Show (nationally syndicated; check your local listings or visit ) to see which item Nate is giving away that day, then visit to enter for a chance to win an authentic piece of Nate Show décor that has been featured on the daily talk show.

Some of these one-of-kind items include a refinished map chest, a sisal rope mirror, a gold-leafed chandelier, a repurposed door headboard, a coffee table, a replica of a royal tabletop with a custom monogram, and more!

For more details on sweepstakes rules, terms and conditions, visit

Friday, February 18, 2011

Maltese Dog Love: Easy Bows for The Pampered Pooch, Westminster or Petfinder

My furbaby Zuzu can jump up on my sofa from standing still. 
The pillows are turned over so her paw prints soil only one side.

Images: Kennel and Bench, Unknown, Denise Rodhe/Darlynns Maltese, Jackie/Jami Maltese,

Since it’s the season for the Westminster Dog Show here in America, I thought I’d do a post on my favorite breed, the Maltese.

The breed is thought to originate from the island nation of Malta in the Mediterranean at the time of the Romans.   From the start, the tiny dogs were spoiled by aristocrats delighted to hand feed them, carry them in their arms, and let them sleep in their beds.

One of the things they’re infamous for is a lot of grooming.

My Maltese Zuzu and Belle always have bows tied in their hair.

Belle, 11, is a gentle dowager and can keep a fancy $12 tiara in her hair for weeks.
For my visiting Maltese friends 'in dogs', Zuzu is from Heaven Sent Maltese in MA,
her sire's side has Marcris/RagTak/Pashes/Ta-Jon and can be traced back to
Joanne Chen's Mino Maya Dancer.  Belle is adopted from Jambet, her
grandson is Magic who was ranked #12 a few years ago. 

Zuzu, 6 on 10 February, is a little scalawag that follows our big dogs Ruffy and Mully
in the woods and fields.  Her bows last a few days.  I needed a solution for Zuzie.

 It’s very easy.
Gather some wired ribbon, a ruler, scissors, and clear 5/16” grooming bands.

Cut the ribbon into 2 lengths of 6” each.

Fold one side, then the other.

Cinch with a rubber grooming band.

Attach to your furbaby’s ponytail with another grooming band,
and enjoy how cute she looks!

They’re washable and last for months.

The wire ribbon is malleable, which is great because you don’t have to
coax them into place the way you must with regular starched show bows.

My friend Donna loves dogs and horses, for a special treat check her site out!

These French script rose petal bows were made from a petal on my Teacup Design 
silk roses I simply cut and stitched together and banded to Zuzu’s ponytails.

Do you pamper your pooch? 
Blogger Marie Arden sure does – I’m always checking in to see ‘Les Girls’ –
so if you need a Maltese fix check her out!  Her girls are from Linda at TaLin.

Interested in enriching your life with a Maltese?  Opt to adopt at Petfinder.

I’ve been a volunteer for Metropolitan Maltese Rescue since 2005. 
What a joy it is helping homeless dogs find loving homes in the NY metro area!

The American Maltese Association publishes a list of reputable Maltese breeders listed by state. 
If you’re in Texas, why not visit their National Specialty in April, a dog show with just Maltese?

Thanks for all your 'bon anniversaire' wishes to Zuzu -- I relayed them and she wagged.

Until next time, stay shabby!

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P.S. - Author Christina Strutt of Cabbages & Roses has three of her items in a DustyLu

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Vintage White Video: With Participants

The time is now!
I'm excited to unveil the inaugural episode of Vintage Video
here at My Shabby Streamside Studio -- a seasonal blog party featuring YOU,
and YOUR beautiful homes, art, gardens, and photos!

First, I'd like to introduce you to my friend Olivia Parazine of
Olivia's Romantic Home and her romantic bedroom:

Next, we get to see Stephanie of Angelic Accents and her rose-centric creations:

And now for the final video featuring all the Linky participants in my
Vintage Video Party!

The My Shabby Streamside Studio YouTube link is here.
I've disabled the comments on these only because some people on YouTube leave
unfriendly anonymous remarks, and I don't want to expose us to that.

Don't forget:

1.  The next Vintage Video will be in July.   Theme: white flowers.

2.  You don't need a video to participate -- still pictures are very welcome.

3.  Place a watermark with your name or blog name and URL on your photo.

My humble thanks, again, to everyone who participated!
My sincere apologies to those I missed on the first tries.
It's uncomfortable for me to 'put myself out there' in this fashion,
but I've been directed to do all this to make myself marketable to publishers.

Until next time, stay shabby!

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Sunday, February 13, 2011

My Heart Dog Zuzu on her 6th Birthday

     La Principessa Zuzu, pooped from partying, with her angel’s wings snoozes on
my ‘La Reine’ pillow from Tattered Notions.

Momo and Ruffy

Zuzu and Belle

From scratch, my King made hot lactose-free cream of potato and parsnip soup garnished with heart-shaped croutons and chives, yeast-raised breadsticks, and a white bundt cake dusted with confectioner’s sugar for La Principessa Zuzu’s 6th birthday party!   Her siblings received little candy cone favors with a doggie biscuit inside.   Zuzu got a nice hunk of pan-seared tuna steak for her birthday, and gave us lots of kisses after she gobbled it up.

Zuzu (with her nose tucked under, she still does that!) at 3 weeks, and today.

You were born 10 February 2005, we’ve spoiled you for six years of bliss and don’t care.
We’re unashamedly besotted with you, Little Miss Zuzu.

Anybody else this crazy about their dogs?!

Until next time, stay shabby!

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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Belle Blanc: Aus Liebe zu Weiss available at Amazon UK

Quick update:  Mira & Bianca's beautiful book now is available at the UK for a little over $50 USD with a 2-two week delivery estimation.   Written in German, Aus Liebe zu Weiss needs no translation to enrapture you in the sanctity and repose of all-white interiors.  Just ordered a copy destined to live by my bedside forever.

Until next time, stay shabby!



Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Shabby Chic: Green & White Palette

Isn't it delightful the way Rachel Ashwell designs new items in simpatico with the legacy of all her wares?  You could pair something you bought yesterday with something you bought twenty years ago and it’ll blend seamlessly.

Here’s a shot from last spring of my Simply Shabby Chic Cabana Stripe throw pillows, bought at Target six years prior for $15 each.   They’re wonderful for that crisp, fresh, summery look of a cottage on the sea.

And, freshly laundered Simply Shabby Chic (and a little Laura Ashley) bedding folded and stacked away.   After five years the colors are fading and fibers thinning, so it feels really vintage and comfy.   They’re the real life sheets, unlike the purest white new linen I keep for guests.   It’s a pity I didn’t think to dig up her sachets when I shot this, I’m certain you would’ve liked to see them.

My newest acquisition is a $1 packet of sticky notes and flags from her "Treasures" collection from Michael’s.   I keep some flags on my nightstand (where they are so much more restful on the eyes than those neon ones from the office), in my wallet, my blog binder, and on my computer.   Didn't hear she had new stuff?   Keep up with her on her Facebook page.

Thanks, Rachel!

Until next time, stay shabby!

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Showcase your work in “Vintage Video”!

My gentle readers, I’m initiating a fun, unique blog party.   Called ‘Vintage Video’, I hope you’ll link up and join me and your favorite bloggers in a seasonal video feature!

No video is necessary -- just a picture of your latest work or blog post!

I made a video with my dorky little camcorder, but the software I have access to makes nice transitions.   My hope is you’ll send in still pictures or videos related to the season’s theme until I close the Linky in a week, and then I’ll insert them in the video and post it.   The video will be available for viewing forever.   I plan to do Valentine’s, summer flowers, fall stuff, and the holidays.

Videos should be emailed to me here.   Please limit to 30 seconds so everyone gets a chance.


Want your name, blog, and blog URL to show on your photo or video?   You must write it on with Photoshop, Paint, or other software.

The software crops vertical pictures very heavily.   Horizontally oriented ones work better.

This season’s theme is ‘A Winter White Valentine’s Day’.   You could send in something you made, or bought, or restored, anything related to the theme.   I’d love to share what you do.

Don’t be shy!  Link up!  And, kindly leave a courtesy link to the post if you have a blog.
Until next time, stay shabby!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Have A Heart

Montreal photographer Irene Suchocki’s work is full of heart, as if she traveled the world and waited all day for the right light for each shot.   Her $3 note card of the Eiffel Tower’s lights rendered in heart bokeh so ensnared my heart I could not rest until I learned the technique.  Above, a heart bokeh shot of my loft bedroom’s chandelier at dusk.

The Apache Blessing, spoken in my wedding vows and lived daily thereafter.
Pen: Rachel Ashwell, Graphics: Victoria, January 2011

My new Shabby Chic “Treasures” smooth ballpoint pen is perfect for sketching in the handcrafted diary given to me by Australian artist Chenoa O’Keefe of the dreamy blog bouquet of dreams.  Her blog never fails to nourish my heart with her sentiments and evocative photography.  Chenoa works in paper, fabric, and bits of vintage jewelry.  The elements of her journals have a past and a future at the same time, waiting for your words to fill them.

February 14th is a happy anniversary in my family for two extra reasons, for almost to the day my daughter Zuzu was born and we found ‘The Love Shack” (the name we privately call ‘My Shabby Streamside Studio’).   I’m pictured here minutes after we decided to buy it, and as always, I’ve got my heart dog close to my heart.

My heart soars to read your comments and email, and breaks because I haven’t responded to every one of your comments, especially those asking for design advice.   If you’re wondering why I haven’t blogged about something I won or bought, your time is coming, I promise.   I won’t do quickie posts to get that sort of thing over with; I want to make it nice.   I’m limited to 90 minutes on the computer the library, and that gets eaten up very quickly just with posting!   Snow closings haven’t helped, neither have the huge projects I’m working on.
Know also I’m hoping your heart is full of warmth in this freezing season, and urge you to touch others and ‘love like you’ve never been hurt’.   Valentines aren’t just for lovers.

Hot cocoa with whipped cream and tiny edible glitter hearts from Michael’s, $6.

Until next time, stay shabby!


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