Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Les Fleurs Faux

Premium silk roses from the now defunct Patchogue Floral of Long Island
that look like David Austin's 'Abraham Darby'.

Fake florals have come a long way from those plastic things in the dollar store with the plastic drops of ‘dew’.    For what you’d pay for a real bouquet that fades, you can get silk arrangements that last for years.

Here in the Catskills it’s maple sugar time, with daytime temperatures in the high 40s.   But the ground is still as blanketed in snow as it was in January, and it’ll be that way more or less until mid-April.   With a non-existent budget and another month to go before I can even get a tiny cup full of wood violets, I rely heavily on my fake flora.

In case you haven’t had the chance to get to Michael’s or Target lately, I thought I’d bring them to you!

At Michael's--

Pink hybrid tea sprays for $8 each.    Remember, they often give a 40% discount coupon for the following week, so you can go back and get more for less!

Tiny roses and tulips, $8.

Large branches of flowering trees including magnolia, cherry, dogwood.    I think they were $8 - $11.

Single stems of peony and delphinium for $8.   I try to get a stem whenever I go in with that 40% off coupon.

Innocent and sweet daisies.

Hydrangeas, one of my very favorites, $6 a stem on sale.

Sweet topiaries, too, for $10!

They had a peony wreath for $30, about the same as the rose one at Target:

And smaller wreaths of roses for $15 (this was my favorite).

And cups of white roses and pastel tulips for $10.

So let go of your fear of fake for goodness sake!

Until next time, stay shabby!