Friday, March 19, 2010

My Shabby White Loft

I dream my loft will look like Fifi O’Neill’s tented ceiling someday.

Photo and styling by Fifi O'Neill

A pretty oyster colored fabric, shirred and feminine.    Alas, I can’t afford it at the time.

Photo by Rachel Ashwell

Then, I saw this billowy white silk WWI parachute fabric Rachel Ashwell used in her new NYC store Shabby Chic Couture.   Lying on my loveseat one evening, I noticed the Tyvek I have holding the insulation in the loft looks a lot like it!

Unfortunately, up close it’s pretty ugly with all the staples and rippy edges.

So, I went ahead and used the only fabric I have to dress the ceiling, several yards of $2.00 per yard Walmart lace left over from the windows on my first house.   It’s attached with a few electric staples here and there.    As usual, I didn’t have a plan, and it shows, as usual.

I sort of got both looks, because I don’t have enough of the lace to finish the job at the time!

I’ve always wanted to use my wedding veil tulle for something special, like a mosquito net across the little bed I plan to put up here that will have storage underneath.    Until then, I think I’ll drape them around my windows.    I love white, and I hope to work with these fabrics until I get a ‘fantasy’ look, not a ‘safe’ look.    I’m quite tired of 'playing it safe' decor.





What a difference the fabric makes for softening and ‘cozying’ the bare walls of the studio.   I’ll never understand why one sees curtain-less windows in decorating books and magazines.   No matter how stunning the architectural bones, it doesn’t foster a sweet, homey environment.

I’d love a pretty pink rug, too.   Few things cozy up a room like a nice rug.

This is a pretty pale pink rug from Vintage Chic of Troy, NY I can’t have because of my doggies.   It’s a real shame because it’s very hard to find them so dainty and pale.

I ringed the brass canopy I found at Brimfield in September for $18 with paper roses from Delightful Designer on Etsy.

Fun in progress!

Until next time, stay shabby!