Thursday, January 28, 2010

Candlelight At Christmas

Suffice it to say, those looking upon this post need no introduction to the romance of candlelight,
so I shan’t preach to the choir.

Packs of inexpensive shabbos and votives at the grocery and dollar store are common, but it’s the large 8” - 12” pillars that make a real statement, and they aren’t cheap to mass together.   I think all of my candles would cost about $75 before tax, because some are $15 or so each.

Some of my candles are 5 years old.    I burn votives in the top when they burn down 2 inches.    Some of my candles are gifts from family who repeatedly get them for me at Christmas because they know I love them.    I don't actually burn those!

A visit the week of Christmas is a good time to snatch some up, where they are 25% off, but still in stock.   If you wait until after Christmas, you’ll get 75% - 90% off, but there’s usually not a single candle of any kind left.    Check in Target’s regular candle aisle.    Often holiday candles on clearance wind up there.

I keep matches handy in a pretty box.     Rachel Ashwell
of course had the grace to provide us in the shabby corps with a line of matchboxes.    I bought this at her old store in New York c. 2004 for around $5.    You may be able to find them on Ebay.     I keep common packs of matches in it now that the pretty lavender-tipped matchsticks are used up.    
I still haven’t made a pilgrimage to her new store to see if she still offers these.
Candles actually heat my studio a little, which is a boon because I have but a 12” space heater.    Unless it’s above freezing outside I can’t stay in the studio for more than a few hours because
my hands and feet get too cold.     Sometimes I can see my breath!

I haven’t even gotten on the subject of how candles can scent a room.     I seem to recall there was a New York Times article about the “accessory” of couture scent for rooms a few years back.    I like the barely perceptible scent of vanilla and candles, but anything stronger bothers my asthma.

Finally, nothing makes glitter sparkle more than candlelight.    This snowy evening was graced by the angelic Robert Shaw Chorale playing hymns and carols on my iPod.     I’m glad you stopped by to share.

Until next time, stay shabby!