Thursday, January 7, 2010

A Tour of My Studio

Decorating without money forces you to be creative, anyway!

Above, is my 'living room', with lace from a bolt bought at Walmart for $2/yard, and pink polyester discounted little s' costume fabric from Jo-Ann after Halloween that cost 5 bucks.

I built and painted the cabinet myself from materials salvaged mostly from the initial renovation of my old farmhouse.

I have incredible views across our clove.  I can always hear the stream below.  I am a very lucky !
Especially since I found an old copy of L.M. Montgomery's Anne of Green Gables at a yard sale in Andes, the book that made a growing up on Long Island in a 1970s tract home long for an old house in the country.

Lavender scents the air from a creation by Whispers from the Past.  Designer Roberta Comeau only sells locally, but I hope to change that and spread the word worldwide for this very talented artist.
The c. 1830 pantry door is salvaged from my first house, the door knob I bought at a rust & dust shop on Long Island when I was still in debt from college with only a pipe dream of owning a home someday.

I loved the pink and green chippy paint on these sashes my neighbor up the road said I could have for free after I noticed them in the weeds behind his shed.
The pearl 'Z' is from the dollar bin at Michael's, with a ceramic rose and ribbon from Etsy sellers (more later, I post in the library so I don't spend money on home internet connection).
'Z' is for my 4 year old daughter ZuZu.

Aunt Nicole photoshopped the mud off her face.  She's a scalawag.  I love her to bits.

Behind my studio rests the detrius of my unfinished renovation. 
Construction photos are interesting only to those involved in the construction. 
I'll do my best to not be boring on this matter.

Here's a shot of my library, with books incurred as an English Lit/Art History student at Wheaton College (when it was all women) nearly 20 years ago.  There's a good amount of gardening tomes, sci-fi/fantasy, doggie stuff, and the work of the illustrious Neil Peart, drummer of Rush and author extraordinaire.

'A home without books is like a body without a soul.' - Cicero

The ladder leads to a little loft... is.  More later!