Thursday, January 21, 2010

One of My Little One Horse Open Sleighs

I made a silver vignette because it’s so popular this year most of the Christmas floral picks at Michael’s were silver and I couldn’t get away from it.

I’m crazy about silver, especially at Christmas, but I don’t usually work with this much.   I got the tinsel for 1.00 at the United Way yard sale at work, and I don’t know what to do with my German glass glitter star from the old Shabby Chic store in NYC c. 2005 (it probably cost around $20) since I found my pink mercury glass tree topper this year on Ebay (two toppers for $12 plus shipping – a great deal).  
The candles are Christmas presents from my family.   
The tall one is actually held together with ribbon because I dropped it.

Please visit The Cat's Meow, and for a real treat, Fifi O'Neill's blog Chez Fifi.
She is the Queen of shabby French decor.

This is my first attempt at a pleated paper rosette.   
I think it needs a little pearl in the center.

I’ve seen them everywhere on Etsy, but it was months before someone called them ‘pleated paper rosettes’ so I could google the correct term and find instructions on how to make them.   My thanks to "Jeanne" for such a detailed, clear tutorial at her blog.
It’s made with crepe paper from a party streamer, and I glued scrap glitter around it. The candy canes are painted and glittered acrylic mini decorations from Walmart.   They’re so small they cut with scissors.   The paper snowflakes are Jolee’s scrapbooking stickers, and the pink glitter tissue is courtesy of The Queen of Glitter Michelle Cummings of Farie Dust Dreams on Etsy.    It’s just a scrap of the wrapping she uses to ship.    I’m jealous of her creativity!     The whole rosette is attached with hot glue.
The glittery leaf is from Michael’s, a “warmer” silver I couldn’t get enough of this year.   The aurora borealis beads are from costume jewelry bought at yard sales for less than a dollar.

Till next time, stay shabby!