Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My Snowy Christmas Tree

Previously, I mentioned I ran out of spray snow.  Then, my clever husband suggested I put some of the batting I use on the mantle for my snow village on instead.

It worked! I sprinkled some 'fake flakes' on afterward, and the effect is charming.  The greatest thing is it's 100% renewable/recyclable year to year, and saves money on aerosol spray snow.  The effect is very thick and dense, like outdoor displays encased after a blizzard.

Did you know that spray snow can be bought after the holidays for 70% - 90% off (80 - 30 cents per can) and stored till next Christmas?  Mind you, it still works if you keep in the barn and it freezes, but it tends to come out in chunks and half the can fails to discharge.

Till next time, stay shabby!