Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ornamental Upcycle Attempts

Ah!  The firewood's split and stacked, the birdfeeders filled...time to hike up to the Love Shack to play!

Encouraged by the ornaments I refurbished from the ribbons and crowns of my broken Krebs, I decided to design and build new ornaments.

I’ve had a box of 6 “filler” ornaments – the kind the go on the back of the tree—that I bought with a shrug at a post-holiday sale c. 1988 at the now defunct Caldor from their “Victoria” collection. These plain white globes now have a patina, which makes them a little less boring.

I made these out of bits of ribbon, sequins, beads, and silk or paper flowers in my collection I’ve picked up from yard sales, Michael’s, and the very good Caramelos on Etsy.    I didn’t like the shiny stuff in the middle of one, but I started tugging on it and wahlah it pulled out.

Well, I guess many are still “fillers”, but at least they’re not boring any longer.

I’m going to console myself by looking through the holiday issues of Victoria from 1988-1993.
The picture below is one of my favorites from that era.

‘Till next time, stay shabby!