Monday, March 1, 2010

My Neoclassical Cherubs and Swags from Do It Yourself Chic

Photo by Do It Yourself Chic

Once I saw this neoclassical cherub and swag appliqué suite at the excellent Do It Yourself Chic website, I didn’t know where I was going to use it, but I knew I had to have it.   
It only cost $35 plus shipping, so I gleefully bought it.

I lay them flat out on this salvaged board after I painted it Ralph Lauren’s Cove Point (the chip color scan, I buy only the cheapest paint) white, glued them on with Elmer’s wood glue, and taped them on so they wouldn’t slide.    The next morning, they weren’t quite dry (it was summer), but by evening they were so I installed the panel and painted the appliqués.    The swags are 18”, the drops are 7”.

Most of their products are $10 and under, so for a little money you can make a huge difference.    The best thing about their products is they are made from a strong yet supple plastic material that doesn’t soften in humid weather, and the relief remains crisp and sharp after painting.    Plus, they’re very friendly folks.    If you’re a customer and haven’t visited them in a while, check out their new designs.

So, next time you pass something at a garage sale lacking ‘ooh-la-la’, consider how some Do It Yourself Chic appliqués would make it better.

Until next time, stay snug, warm, and shabby!

The Snowy Shabby Streamside Studio
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Victoria said...

I bought my appliques from the same co. about a month ago and was so pleased with them! They really do add a lot. Your piece looks gorgeous!

Jackie said...

I love them! Thanks for sharing, they are beautiful....have a good week.

Rose Garden Romantic said...

That is SO gorgeous!!! I love it!! I may have to try that sometime! Thanks for the link!!

Norma said...

What a wonderful embellishment!

BTW The roof and the posts of your little verandah must be very strong to support all that snow - great pic Sandy :)

(I'm complaining that it's very cloudy and chilly in Sydney today - only 22C/71F)

someplace in thyme said...

Oh Sandy what a great job. I am in the process of making something using those, only mine are in smaller pieces. I should have it done soon. I love them. You did a wonderful job with yours and it looks perfect, Char

The Sewing Loft said...

I just love your cherub swag. It looks happy at home on your cabinet.

Debbie said...

How clever you are, I keep buying things for my Cottage Garden Studio for whenever I finally get time and money to work on it. Thanks for sharing your sweet little hideaway.

Norma said...

*sigh* Do It Yourself Chic only ships to the US and Canada :(

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Morning Sandy,
I just love your appliques. I have seen them before and think they are divine. They came out very nice on your hutch, looks lovely.
Can't believe the snow on the roof of your cottage porch. oh my!!
Hope you have a great day.
Blessings, Nellie

My Cottage Charm said...

I love that applique'! I am so excited to be a part of the blogging world, this is just so fun! I have learned to much and also been linked to some wonderful shopping places..thanks for adding to my list! :)
Have a great day and come visit me sometime on my blog. :)

Claudia said...

I've used their appliques and love them - they make such a difference, don't they?


Jackie said...

I adore that!!!!! I want one!!!! Thanks for posting...I'm still drooling!

Anonymous said...

Your studio is amazing! Here's a little secret about Ralph Lauren paint that I learned the hard way. If you like a RL color, spend the few extra dollars and buy the RL paint! (which is made by Glidden - it's the top of their line)

I also buy inexpensive but good quality paint, and most of the time have designer paint colors scanned by computer so I don't have to buy the expensive paint. However, I learned a very expensive lesson when I had a Ralph Lauren paint chip scanned recently. I had already purchased a sample jar of a RL paint color and put it on my wall to see if I liked it, and I did, so I bought 3 gallons of another brand of paint and had it color matched to the RL chip. When I got it on the wall next to the actual RL color, something was very wrong. The scanned color was off a bit toward the yellow side. I took the paint back to the store and told the manager of the paint dept. the color didn't match the paint chip. He told me on the "QT" that if you like a RL paint color you have to buy the RL paint, because the paper used for RL paint chips is treated with something that distorts the color in scanners, and their color formulas are different than those used by other paint companies and they don't convert correctly to other brands of paint. So, I ended up buying 3 gallons of the RL paint to get the color I wanted and am so happy with the way it turned out. The "wrong" color paint didn't go to waste, I used it in another room and am very happy with it.

Mariette said...

Dearest Sandy,

Wow, this is such a great cherub and roses swag! Thanks for putting this on your blog. Great treasure and very affordable.




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