Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Shabby Maple Sugar Shack

It’s maple sap season in the Catskills!

My dear husband is crazy about making maple syrup.    I actually don’t care for real maple syrup unless it’s ‘first run’, the first you harvest in February when it’s very sweet and light.

Yummy on Belgian waffles – a lovely late winter Catskill brunch.  
It’s more like a watery ‘drizzle’ than syrup.

But I am CRAZY for the soft maple candies my love makes!

It takes roughly three days of sap collection in seven buckets per day to get 20 little candies.
But so worth it!

Until next time, stay shabby!

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Anonymous said...

I am not a real fan of Maple Syrup but I love to see the trees all tapped 'cause it means it is spring!!
Love your post!!
Happy Tuesday!!

Norma said...

How exciting Sandy! Real maple syrup from your very own trees! Shows you how ignorant I am, I never imagined it came from anywhere but Canada ;)

Sheila said...

WOW it really takes a lot of syrup for that little amount of candy.. NO wonder maple syrup is so expensive. I always love your post, because i get to come over and visit and see all your lovely things.. Sheila

Jojo said...

I love maple syrup and how much fun to actually make it! Yum!!

Sadie said...

that's absolutely fascinating to see. The goodies look rather scrummy too!


Sandy said...

You guys are as sweet as maple candy!

And yes, Norma, we tap maple trees in the northeastern U.S., too! I'll never see a kangaroo in my garden, though, so don't grieve!

huntedtreasures said...

I love you blog especially your Studio, I am amazed your husband makes syrup and candy. Do you sell any/ if so I would not mine if you put me on the list to order some, this would make great gifts, or just gifts for personal use. I would like to taste both Syrup and candy that be a great treat.


Sweet Old Vintage said...

OOOOHHHHHH. I love maple.....

Mari said...


~Sheri~ said...

I bet that tastes wonderful....the candies sound divine~

Les Cotrions said...

You have a very sweet husband who makes syrup and candies! I've never tasted maple syrup...I'd like to try!
A great Easter time to you!

Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

No wonder they say good things come in small packages. The candies look delicious!

Dianne said...

You have a beautiful blog... The little shack? your studio? is magical!

Linda said...

Ooh these candies look SO good...I love a drizzle of maple syrup on steel cut oats!

Charlene said...

Great post. Sooooooooooo much syrup for just 20 candies? Who would have thought. Your blog is looking so GREAT! I can tell you have really been working on it! LOVE the way it is turning out. And so happy that I can leave you comments now. I remember when I first found you I couldn't even communicate with you. WOW you ROCK now. And the photos of the studio makes me so jealous. Is it warm in all that snow? Does it have a fireplace. Have a wonderful day. HUGS! CHarlene

Mel's Cabin said...

Now that's real rustic, galvanized bucket, maple trees, maple syrup, sweeet! New England a real USA treasure. Mel's Cabin visited your blog today from Freckled Laundry blog off FB.


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