Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My Shabby Pink Drapes

My dream drapes were the pink pure silk ones Rachel Ashwell used to sell in her former store, and they were something like $120 a panel, or yard – something like that.  
My current dream drapes are the ‘faux soie’ Simply Shabby Chic sets at Target.

But, it would cost over $200 for them even with splitting the long panel in half and re-stitching the cut edge (my usual trick for saving money), and I just don’t have that right now.

Window before.

I installed the salvaged wavy-glass19th century sashes myself, but I didn’t bother to build a proper casing for them (see the Tyvek sticking out?!), and to save money I didn’t buy salvaged decorative trim.

I went to Jo-Ann fabrics and spent $45 on a few yards pink polyester fabric left over from Halloween meant for little girls’ princess costumes, and some other fabric meant for lining clothing.

I don’t care for sewing. My mother-in-law gave me a sewing machine for a wedding present, and I have a love-hate relationship with it.   I won’t even show you the other valance because I haven’t forced myself to sew it yet!    And they’re actually just tacked up!

It does soften the room, muffling sound and adding grace the way only fabric can.

Until next time, stay shabby! Pin It


Norma said...

You sure do know how to get maximum bang for your buck Sandy :) I expect the pink will give a bit more visual warmth to the studio, and from the look of the snow still laying around outside you can use all the warmth, of every kind, that you can get!

Lori Katies Rose Cottage said...

Those came out just beautiful !! What a wonderful idea ~

Lavanta Bahçesi said...

like a fairy tale...

Sadie said...

well I love how it looks. And your attitude to sewing makes me laugh - we are very similar. I love to sew, I love making things, but if anyone gets too close to my handiwork then I try to hurry them along. I HATE anyone inspecting things closely. Because, like you it's a love/hate thing. The times I've sworn at my machine, or started something and halfway through questioned why I thought I could do it in the first place!!!

Your curtains looks superb.


A Cottage Muse said...

Absolutely, blissfully beautiful!

ozma of odds said...

...Sandy, I love those windows! ~ such a resourceful girl! When you do sew the balloon tops, visit JoAnne fabrics first, and in their drapery section, they have curtain supplies, you can buy a tape that has little plastic rings attached to it and all you have to do is sew this down your panels (you could even use a roll of the stich whitchery if you hate to sew!) and once in place, you simply pull on the back strings and ~ Viola! instant balloon shades!!
~ or you could send them to me and I'd be happy to sew them for your beautiful space :)!!!
xo, Rosemary

stefanie said...

ohhhhh, I am in love!!!!

Sandy said...

You guys are SO SWEET!

Rosemary - I wish I knew that before. I'll have to do it and post about you a second time!

I am on vacation this week and it'll take me a while to get back to everyone as I don't have internet access at home (I'm at the library), so sorry guys!



Sophee-a Laroo Bijoux and Sheri too said...

It looks so dreamy and cozy in there...and beautiful with the snow outside the windows :)

Beth ~ Tattered Art said...

pure bliss!

anything shabby chic said...

Hi Sandy,
They came out great!! Everything you do is great!! I understand the need to stretch your dollar. That's what garage sales and thrift shops are for! I hope you enjoy your vacation!

Really Rainey said...

The addition of Pink has made it cozy and cheery...

Sandy~Romantique Inspirations~ said...

Hi Sandy, I think I only commented once, but I want you to know I really enjoy your blog and the things you post. YOur outside shed is heavenly and I wish I can get my rented home like that. That's one thing about renting you really can't do the things you would love to do, but only try to do your best. I'm definitely not into sewing so I try to get people to do what I need or glue things in place. Ha ha The curtains and the color do look very nice.

Have a Wonderful Day*

Mari said...

I love the way it looks soft sweet and romantic....ahhhh and relaxing....what a great spot to have a cup of tea and read :P

Victoria said...

Oh my, sitting on that little sofa looks like it would be a slice of heaven!

meandering pearl said...

these are a dream!!! you do know how to do shabby chic so splendidly & delicately!!! perfectly pretty wishes

arrielle_p said...

What a lovely curtain you made in here. Great job. Keep it up! :)

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Roxie Tenner said...

Whoa! You only showed some portion of your living room, but I can say it has a good interior! I can see a glimpse of Rococo styling there, minus the curve lines in the corner. Anyway, your curtains are very lovely. Silk and lace are good combination. And pink and white is more! Well, I think that’s what made your living room look classy.

Roxie Tenner


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