Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Showcase your work in “Vintage Video”!

My gentle readers, I’m initiating a fun, unique blog party.   Called ‘Vintage Video’, I hope you’ll link up and join me and your favorite bloggers in a seasonal video feature!

No video is necessary -- just a picture of your latest work or blog post!

I made a video with my dorky little camcorder, but the software I have access to makes nice transitions.   My hope is you’ll send in still pictures or videos related to the season’s theme until I close the Linky in a week, and then I’ll insert them in the video and post it.   The video will be available for viewing forever.   I plan to do Valentine’s, summer flowers, fall stuff, and the holidays.

Videos should be emailed to me here.   Please limit to 30 seconds so everyone gets a chance.


Want your name, blog, and blog URL to show on your photo or video?   You must write it on with Photoshop, Paint, or other software.

The software crops vertical pictures very heavily.   Horizontally oriented ones work better.

This season’s theme is ‘A Winter White Valentine’s Day’.   You could send in something you made, or bought, or restored, anything related to the theme.   I’d love to share what you do.

Don’t be shy!  Link up!  And, kindly leave a courtesy link to the post if you have a blog.
Until next time, stay shabby!