Sunday, February 13, 2011

My Heart Dog Zuzu on her 6th Birthday

     La Principessa Zuzu, pooped from partying, with her angel’s wings snoozes on
my ‘La Reine’ pillow from Tattered Notions.

Momo and Ruffy

Zuzu and Belle

From scratch, my King made hot lactose-free cream of potato and parsnip soup garnished with heart-shaped croutons and chives, yeast-raised breadsticks, and a white bundt cake dusted with confectioner’s sugar for La Principessa Zuzu’s 6th birthday party!   Her siblings received little candy cone favors with a doggie biscuit inside.   Zuzu got a nice hunk of pan-seared tuna steak for her birthday, and gave us lots of kisses after she gobbled it up.

Zuzu (with her nose tucked under, she still does that!) at 3 weeks, and today.

You were born 10 February 2005, we’ve spoiled you for six years of bliss and don’t care.
We’re unashamedly besotted with you, Little Miss Zuzu.

Anybody else this crazy about their dogs?!

Until next time, stay shabby!

I’m sharing with Kathleen’s White Wednesday at Faded Charm – come to the pale party!