Friday, February 18, 2011

Maltese Dog Love: Easy Bows for The Pampered Pooch, Westminster or Petfinder

My furbaby Zuzu can jump up on my sofa from standing still. 
The pillows are turned over so her paw prints soil only one side.

Images: Kennel and Bench, Unknown, Denise Rodhe/Darlynns Maltese, Jackie/Jami Maltese,

Since it’s the season for the Westminster Dog Show here in America, I thought I’d do a post on my favorite breed, the Maltese.

The breed is thought to originate from the island nation of Malta in the Mediterranean at the time of the Romans.   From the start, the tiny dogs were spoiled by aristocrats delighted to hand feed them, carry them in their arms, and let them sleep in their beds.

One of the things they’re infamous for is a lot of grooming.

My Maltese Zuzu and Belle always have bows tied in their hair.

Belle, 11, is a gentle dowager and can keep a fancy $12 tiara in her hair for weeks.
For my visiting Maltese friends 'in dogs', Zuzu is from Heaven Sent Maltese in MA,
her sire's side has Marcris/RagTak/Pashes/Ta-Jon and can be traced back to
Joanne Chen's Mino Maya Dancer.  Belle is adopted from Jambet, her
grandson is Magic who was ranked #12 a few years ago. 

Zuzu, 6 on 10 February, is a little scalawag that follows our big dogs Ruffy and Mully
in the woods and fields.  Her bows last a few days.  I needed a solution for Zuzie.

 It’s very easy.
Gather some wired ribbon, a ruler, scissors, and clear 5/16” grooming bands.

Cut the ribbon into 2 lengths of 6” each.

Fold one side, then the other.

Cinch with a rubber grooming band.

Attach to your furbaby’s ponytail with another grooming band,
and enjoy how cute she looks!

They’re washable and last for months.

The wire ribbon is malleable, which is great because you don’t have to
coax them into place the way you must with regular starched show bows.

My friend Donna loves dogs and horses, for a special treat check her site out!

These French script rose petal bows were made from a petal on my Teacup Design 
silk roses I simply cut and stitched together and banded to Zuzu’s ponytails.

Do you pamper your pooch? 
Blogger Marie Arden sure does – I’m always checking in to see ‘Les Girls’ –
so if you need a Maltese fix check her out!  Her girls are from Linda at TaLin.

Interested in enriching your life with a Maltese?  Opt to adopt at Petfinder.

I’ve been a volunteer for Metropolitan Maltese Rescue since 2005. 
What a joy it is helping homeless dogs find loving homes in the NY metro area!

The American Maltese Association publishes a list of reputable Maltese breeders listed by state. 
If you’re in Texas, why not visit their National Specialty in April, a dog show with just Maltese?

Thanks for all your 'bon anniversaire' wishes to Zuzu -- I relayed them and she wagged.

Until next time, stay shabby!

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