Friday, April 23, 2010

My Shabby White Poufy Loft

I wanted a place where I could wake up and look out a window and see the mountainside across the clove, a place that felt like a secret tree house, a place all my own.

My sanctuary.

This is merely a feasibility study to see how a full-size down duvet fills the space.    This is one of the Rachel Ashwell Simply Shabby Chic pretties from Target – it’s close to $100 - one of the things I splurged on after I sold my first house.    I’m going to build a frame that will have under-the-bed containers for storage.     The mattress will be one of those inflatable ones as getting a real mattress into the loft is not only worth the challenge but a mouse magnet.

My favorite vintage sheet under puffy pillows.

My favorite white throw pillow, a gift my sister picked up in India.

Paper flowers around my ceiling canopy.    They're mainly to hide the gap.   There's no electricity.

ZuZu likes it and hopes you will come back to visit!

Until next time, sleep shabby!