Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My Chippy White Lamp Table

I’m bored with what I’ve been doing with my lamp table, so I made a 'tabla rasa' of my table and decided to go for all white.

I bought this table around 2004 when I worked two full-time jobs, knowing $95 was a lot for a wobbly table, but I didn’t have time for the hit-or-miss of yard sales back then when I needed something.    I painted it white.    It’s from a housewares/antiques store in High Falls, NY called High Falls Mercantile that’s been featured in Country Living.    Jeff and Larry are wonderful people – please stop in if you’re ever in the area!

I love its fluted downswept legs.   

Candles are one of the things that make a house a home,
so I started putting one of each kind I have on.
It still looked too ‘bare and spare’.

It needed height, so I put my $20 Marshalls repro mercury glass finial on.
It needed romance, so I found a bit of lace.

Nothing looks good without flowers to me, so I put a spray of pink silk flowers on.    I have to wait until late April for white flowers.    It’s hard for me do 100% white because I love pink so!

I tried a cute little box, but it looked ‘heavy’.

My dainty dollar store play crown looks better.     I’d love to find or make one of those pretty tiaras I see on other blogs and websites.     Maybe I’ll get lucky.

Angela Harris’ paper ‘bubble’ flowers gave a gorgeous effect, like lilies.

Until next time, stay shabby!