Friday, April 2, 2010

My Shabby French Kitchen

My Shabby Pretend French Kitchen, I should amend, for my studio has no kitchen.

But if it did, I’d have a little shelf for china, and tea cups hung, my tea infuser, pink towels, and lots of glass jars filled with delicate pink meringues made from my hens' blue-shelled eggs.

The blue and green eggs are from my Ameraucanas, the olive ones are from my ‘Easter Egger’, and the white are from my White Leghorns. 
As beautiful as sculpture.

My hens lay such pretty eggs I keep some of the shells for display.

This vignette was influenced by Fifi O’Neill’s kitchen and a pretty picture from Jeanne d’Arc Living magazine.

Photo and styling by Fifi O'Neill

Jeanne d'Arc Living

Until next time, stay shabby!