Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My Crush on Shabby Euro Blogs

I have a crush on the European and Scandinavian shabby blogs Belle Blanc, Made in Persbo, Schwanennest, Songbird, Stines blogg, White and Shabby, White Living, White Vintage, and Weisser Vintagezauber.    Please see my sidebar to link to them, they love visitors!

The great thing about all these beautiful blogs I follow is that they do all white décor without being too ‘bare and spare’ about it.

Stines blogg - I love this blog particularly because it’s done by a 21 year old student!

 Here are some of my favorite American examples of all-white décor:


Photo: Country Living

Sue Balmforth of Bountiful.   This is one in is my heart.

Pink is a relaxing color, but white is the ultimate soothing color.    Done skillfully, it produces a fresh and friendly room instead of a cold and prim one.

So, I decided to redecorate in all white – take a peek!

...stay tuned, and stay shabby!

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Anna said...


Crystal said...

I dream of all white!!! I've just never been able to master it!! All of these rooms are beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I really love the all white look but my Hubby does not & since he lives here too.....Oh well.....It is nearly all white!! LOL!!
Beautiful pics!!

stefanie said...

oh, I am in love with these pictures and your blog..just gorgeous!!!

Bella said...

Hi Sandy..
These are all gorgeous photos.. and I am going to have to go visiting some new blogs! Thanks! My favorite photo is your last one tho... peeking through the window stunning!

Gail said...

Your posts take my breath away. I love the shabby and all white decor you use. It is dreamy. My house now does not work for all white so I dream through you. I do have many shabby pieces that I love and work in my decor. Thanks for sharing.

Jackie said...

Beautiful photos Sandy! TY for sharing....

A Cottage Muse said...

I always look forward to stopping by! What beautiful photos!! I know I will be back to look at this post again and again...

Norma said...

I think it's so difficult to get the all white to work, that is to look serene but not cold as you say, but you seem to be managing it so very well at the studio. Love the photo taken through the window :)

Like you I really like the European blogs too, the Swedes seem to be really good at white on white.

Stine said...

Wow! Thank you so much :)

Love, Stine <3

BellaRosa said...

Sandy amor, these images are gorgeous! I definitely have some new blogs to visit :) I love the serene beautiful look of white on white, but the reality is I live with my amor who is in construction and sadly not conducive to all white :) But I definitely try to sneak it in everywhere that I can :) I love your studio though! That would be my dream place :) Have a lovely week! Besos, Rose

Marie Arden said...

Lovely al lof them and your redition is too pretty.
I will check out those other blogs.
I wish I would win lottery so I could do an all white cottage in Ca with just a touch of pink!

impotenta said...

great work ..i love it :)

Linda said...

Beautiful photos...even though I am not an all-white decorator, I truly love it's restful beauty!

Made in Persbo...Carina said...

Dear Sandy!
I´m so thrilled to read that you like my blog and that you recommend it here in your blog.

So sweet of you to leave a comment so I now found your blog as well :)
Oh, MY! What a lovely home you have!

I have a question to you but I´ll send you an email this evening instead of asking here ;)

Warm hugs,

Debby said...

WOW!!!! Your blog is gorgeous, gorgeous.

anything shabby chic said...

Hi Sandy,
Yes I know what you mean, there are so many gorgeous european shabby blogs, I tend to get absorbed in them. They are so beautiful!! I actually got the inspiration to do my dark floors from the home of Patti Silverman. I actually have been to her shop in Cold Springs, NY about 4 years ago, it was beautiful!!!! Your doing such a beautiful job on your blog!!!

tales from an oc cottage said...

Oh that little peek is so tantalizing!!! ;}

m ^..^

Cindy ~ My Romantic Home said...

Yes, they are pretty but yours is the prettiest by far!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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