Friday, March 4, 2011

My MaryJane’s Farm & The Bund Magazine Feature

My favorite parts are the pictures with Zuzu and my old Blue Wheaten Ameraucana rooster Alex Lifeson when he was a sleepy baby chick! 

Thank you, MaryJane’s Farm, for publishing such a delightful feature on my studio!   I was approached by Genny Charet in September for permission to do a story, and I confessed I’d never heard of the magazine.    As I often do, I scrambled to find and convert JPEGs to 300 dpi, email them along in small batches, and correct copy.   I wasn’t prepared for such a sophisticated periodical: it’s much like Victoria in the 1980s, only with a little Mother Earth News and Oprah mixed in.   There are ads I’m interested in for organic food, poultry farming, handmade jewelry, books, and more.   Here’s a peek:

MaryJane's Farmgirls Sisterhood members have the “can-do” attitude I find appealing.   They stress you needn’t live on a farm to qualify.   In fact, there’s a posse of contributors including an urban and a suburban writer.   I think I’ll join MaryJane’s Farm and make new friends!

Looks like they could use tutorials, garden tours, and recipes – why not submit something to them today at their Keeping In Touch portal?

The magazine is a little hard to find, but worth it.  The only place I've seen it is Tractor Supply.

Harder to find is my feature in The Bund, a popular Chinese news/lifestyle magazine similar to Time.   Thank you, Dakini Yan Lu, for the interview.    I'd love to share it with you, but I still haven't received my copy.    I made a screenshot of the first page of the PDF proof they sent during the holidays.    I guess it recites the fact I renovated for $3,000, the rest is no different from my Times feature.   A big European magazine bought the story, but I must keep it under wraps until it's published...stay tuned!

Until next time, stay shabby!


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