Friday, March 11, 2011

My German Elle Decoration Feature

What a big thank you I have to say today!  Liebe Lydia Schmid, you have kindly written a story about me, gaaaaaaaaanz mystified as I am to be in a glossy big-time mag like Elle sharing space with Tommy Hilfiger and Cher.

(Ganz means quite.   My favorite blogger, Jade of White & Shabby, uses this darling adjective often and I adore it.)

I received an invitation to lunch in New York a few days before Christmas for the interview.   She’s originally from Munich and has been living in a lovely Harlem brownstone for over ten years.   Elle’s offices are in the building right next to Radio City Music Hall, and we walked to the Le Pain Quotidien in Rockerfeller Center.   It was full, so she treated me to a steak place where I had lovely fries.   I told her all about the German blog White & Shabby, and how easy it is to find great stories if editors know where to look.   The atmosphere was vibrant with holiday cheer, the sidewalks so full of people, silver bells, smiling traffic cops preventing gridlock in Midtown.   Loved it.   Especially since no one noticed I snuck my Maltese Belle in.

Lydia graciously sent two copies to me, expressing her chagrin, “unfortunately they did not print the truth I had written about you, about your struggles and your chutzpa…I am really sorry as I so admire what you have achieved with so little funds.”   I’m sorry to hear she’s upset about that.   Nevertheless, she loves the story and of course the photos they bought from Trevor Tondro when he shot my studio for the Times are even better printed on glossy paper.   Except that he innocently included this ridiculous dollar store tiara I had lying around waiting for upcycling I never got to, and I didn’t realize (!) one of my books in the mantle vignette has too much color.   This could halt my aspirations as a photographer/stylist mid-stride.   Hopefully, everyone will be distracted by my portrait and remarking what horrible butch arms I have instead.

I should get used to translating German, for any day I’m expecting Mira Schnepf (Belle Blanc) and Bianca Aurich’s (White Living) book BELLE BLANC - Aus Liebe zu Weiß available on   It can be ordered here for about $50, delivery is close to a month.   I promise to do a review.

As always, thank you for your comments and visits, it means so much to me.

Bis zum nächsten Mal, bleiben shabby!

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