Saturday, September 11, 2010

My Country Victorian Shoot

Photos: Gross & Daley for Country Victorian, September 2010
All scans courtesy of Bella of Bella's Rose Cottage

I’d like to extend my warmest thanks to Steve Gross and Sue Daley, editor Janet Mowak for agreeing to feature me, and to writer Mara Bragg for such informative, concise text and to the art department for the harmonious layout and font choice.   All the phone calls and emails manifested in something to cherish!   Well, at least I will.   And Mom.

Freelance photographers Sue and Steve (if they sound familiar it’s because their work has appeared in Victoria) contacted me after seeing my Times feature to do a shoot for a magazine interested in showcasing colorful Victorian interiors.

The challenge for me was to break away from serene whites and use a lot of turquoise and bright pink.   What fun!

They arrived at our farm the 3rd of July with a darling old dog named Mabel and a basket full of props…in reds!   Sue Daley gave me a lecture on the merits of red and how it makes magazine pages ‘pop’.   A nice color to be sure, but in my realm of reticent pastels it’s objectionable.   I don’t live in a magazine, after all.

Photo: Gross & Daley for Country Victorian, September 2010
Zuzu patiently watches Gross & Daley before her nap.

The dark green quilt in the loft isn’t what I feel to be in harmony with the ‘vibe’ of my feminine studio, but it’s interesting in print and will make those that find all-white décor boring notice.

Photos: Gross & Daley for Country Victorian, September 2010

I took my Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic ‘Amanda’ sheer curtain panels from my office, loving how summery they look!

The sun faded sections of them over the last five years since I bought them on Ebay for about $20 each.   But this, too, is shabby, non?

Photo: Sandy Palmer

One of my favorite bloggers, Sandy over at Paint Me White in Australia, hangs these in a summa cum laude example of shabby chic.

Do pick up a copy of Country Victorian—it’s published only annually and bursts at the binding with romantic décor and tips!

Update: The magazine is slowly making itself available across the nation.  In fact, it's not in any stores I've been in either Upstate or Long Island!  Fear not - it'll be displayed until January.

I'd love to include links to the incredible bricks & mortar shops listed in the feature:

New York Salvage, Oneonta, NY

Vintage Chic, Schenectady, NY

Andes Antiques & Art, Andes, NY

Silver Fox Salvage, Albany, NY
Until next time, stay shabby!