Sunday, September 26, 2010

Autumn Flowers in the Catskills


New York Asters have a wild yet innocent daintiness, unlike the fancy hybrid
Michaelmas daisy, or the uniform sheet of color on a cultivated hardy mum.

They grow unfettered in my sloping, wet meadow and tumble to the stream below.  
If deer nibble, they respond with denser sprays a little later, greeting the first golden-amber
leaves with their twinkling periwinkle eyes.

I am so lucky to have them by the thousands.  
Collecting fluffy seed heads in October and chucking them here and there ensures more.  
My kind of gardening!

A wild sister of wet area asters self-seeds becomingly, with her baby-tiny pink flowers,
so charming with the last of my foxgloves.   Her name remains a mystery,
as does that of the starry white wild flowers underplanting my ‘Ballerina’ rose.

Often, I wish had not learnt the true name of a plant,
for some of my asters are called ‘Swamp Asters’ and it pains me!

Do you have a favorite fall flower?

Until next time, stay shabby!