Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My Big Tissue Paper Roses

(I had so many requests for a tutorial on these gift tissue paper roses
I'm posting this!   It also gives me a chance to say thanks for all of your
very sweet comments.   They really make me blush with embarrassment!)

.         .         .

Cheap, quick, easy.      It doesn’t get better than this.


Florist’s tape (white if you’re doing white or pastels)
Tissue paper
Pencil, dowel, or other object to curl edges

This tissue paper is the kind you stuff in gift bags.    My favorite is the value package sold at Target –
“Solid Tissue” with “Celebrate for Less” printed on the label, 50 sheets measuring 18” x 26” for about $4.
This pack will yield approximately 6 ‘Old Rose’ style roses and 2 ‘Hybrid Tea’ roses.
Michael’s has packs of 25 for about $2.

Nota Bene:   In white, different tissues have different tints, like lilac or cream.
If you want complete consistency buy one brand.    In the finished pictures three different brands are used.

Old Rose Tissue Roses:

1.  Count out 6 sheets of tissue.

2.  Gently fold in 4 accordion folds.   Do not crease hard.

3.  Cinch the middle with a 8" - 12" long piece of florist's wire.

4.  Cut the ends off in a semi-circle shape.

5.  Stretch out each side like a fan. 
Carefully separate and pull up each leaf of paper.  
They rip easily but it doesn't show much, so don't stress.

6.  Shape the finished rose to your liking by fluffing and tugging!

Hybrid Tea Tissue Roses:

This type takes a lot more time and material, but the resulting rose is pretty.

Please link to this tutorial at Martha Stewart’s for the petal template.

The only things you’re changing are (1) you’re leaving out the sepals and leaves
(use only the inner and outer petals); and,
(2) you have to wrap the bottom of the rose up – higher and higher -
with your florist’s tape until the rose ‘stiffens’.
It’ll be ludicrously floppy before that.

Lightly trace an inner tear-shaped and an outer heart-shaped petal shape
out on the top of a stack of 15 sheets of tissue as big as they'll fit.
Cut all 5 and 15 out at once.

Tissue paper won't curl up the way crepe paper will, so your petals will have
to be rolled up in a pencil or dowel pretty hard to make a curl.
I find they look great without much of that, anyway.

Tape or pin up by the little tail of wire and enjoy!

Until next time, stay shabby!

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