Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Lavender Laundry Sachet from Dreamy Whites

“Between the garage and the beech hedge was her drying-green.  She had done a wash this morning, and a line of laundry stirred in the rising breeze.  Wooden tubs, planted with pink hydrangeas the colour of blotting paper, flanked the entrance to the house, and a hedge of lavender grew close to its walls.”


Now that it’s autumn, the days of drying laundry outdoors are going as quickly as the light in evening. 

Using one of Dreamy Whites' organic lavender sachets in the dryer does a great job making up for summer winds.  The fabric is a soft cotton tied with a bit of butcher’s twine.  So simple, so natural, so touchable I find myself holding them to my face before I toss them in the dryer.

Until next time, stay shabby!

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