Thursday, August 25, 2011

Vintage Chic: Old French Wire, Nordic Flair

Reproduction mercury glass candlestick, $24 at The Sheep's Nest

So it’s today, and in the chokecherry this year:
the first leaves turn to ochre, there, by the open gate.

I grab the sweater you left on a chair, wrap it
around my shoulders, and – as I did for days last year

until I couldn’t keep up with the season – I pick
every single rusting leaf, each fading flower

and hide them in my apron pocket: their crush
clandestine against my belly.  It’s a simple gift

for you – for us – such an easy thing to do
for a few more days of summer.

from Fall by Laure-Anne Bosselaar

I purchased this heavenly wire basket from Stine Johnsen (Vintage Chic), who was paring down before her move to a new apartment in Oslo.  It’s old, from France, and has the loveliest rusty patina.  It was only about $40 USD after shipping, too, and she takes PayPal. 

Photo: Stine Johnsen, Vintage Chic
Enviable caddy.  Love the contrast between hard patinated wire and fragile old glass.

Photo: Stine Johnsen, Vintage Chic
Stine's work-in-progress Oslo apartment.  
She and her boyfriend are doing the renovation themselves:
I'm thrilled with every post.

Photo: Living

Stine’s in charge of social media at Living, a Norwegian furniture retailer.  Check out her Living Blog and Facebook page.  It’s her first job as a young interior design/journalism graduate and she shares “the latest news, trends, and inspirational pictures” and does it well.  
(Pages translate automatically if you use Google Chrome as your browser).

I visit her blog Vintage Chic regularly…not only is her home’s renovation fascinating to watch, but she divulges all the European magazine photos that drive me crazy and inspire me to no end.  
May Stine do so for you as well.

Until next time, stay shabby!

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