Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My Skona Hem Shoot

Emma takes pictures in my loft.
White rose petal garland, Ozma of Odds.

Vanilla meringues from my sweet King, and Earl Grey flavored macarons 
from the energetic Simon of The Macaron Parlor.

Hej!  Sunday I spent a most lovely day with two professional Swedish photographer/stylists. 
Emma Mattsson and Petra Kjellstrom are as beautiful inside as they are outside. 
I drove them to Woodstock, NY where we saw a few highlights of that delightful village,
hit a yard sale, and dropped in on Fredrick of Scandinavian Grace. 
He was most surprised to see the women that did their first story on his house located
on one of the many islands off Stockholm's shores walk into his shop in the Catskills!

Petra (r) and Emma (l) ready for the next shot.

A few of my props, a pink rosary on a chippy mirror and glittery pumpkins a la Fifi O'Neill.

Emma, me, Zuzu, and Petra by the streamside 'working model of my studio' where I'm
re-creating and shooting the how-to portions of my book.

Photo: Todd Foster

I'm crazy for Scandinavian design, so getting asked to be in Skona Hem (Beautiful Home) was
very exciting.  We don't know when the story will run, but I of course will share it with you!

Tills nästa gång, stanna shabby!