Sunday, July 18, 2010

Storage Disguised As A Screen Porch

I wish I could thank every one of you in person.
It’s as if a tornado of miracles picked up my life and swept it aloft since the Times piece ran!
I try to meet every person that so sweetly blogged about me, and there are pages and pages
of more Google results after I thought I finished.   I try to reply to my comments,
and there just are not enough hours in the day.

It seems as if every weekend there’s a magazine shoot, or I’m collecting the
data my agent (yes, I have one!) wants for my first book, but Saturday was the ultimate.
The field crew for Nate Berkus’ new design show slated to premiere 13 September
interviewed me!    This lowly federal employee is pinching herself black & blue!

And you, my gentle readers, had a part in all of this…and will have one in the future.
I have plans that involve you.   Stay tuned…and stay shabby!

*     *    *

Someday, I will build a real screen porch behind my studio.
For now, I’m desperate for a place to stash my tools and wicker set.



It’s just my old brass screen windows and doors I bought at Albany Salvage
last fall fastened together with screws on a laid-up stone foundation I built.
I think I’m going to paint them a darker green, like my front screen door.
I absolutely love white houses with dark green trim.

Each screen was $10.
The original homeowner had a clever way of numbering them.

The roof is just two scrap pieces of T-11 plywood painted dark green,
nailed on four 2 x 4s plus the header given to us by a neighbor with leftovers.

The chippy columns are my favorite part.
I will never paint them.
They were $60 each at New York Salvage in Oneonta.
One often sees screen porches in the Catskills like this.

Now, my little pink tools have a nice home until the day I take it apart for my addition!

Until next time, stay shabby!

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