Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Images of Emma Mattsson

There are interior photographers that breeze in and out of your home, get the shots the editor asked for, and split before the good evening light comes because they'd rather get an early reservation at a hip eatery.  And then there are photographers like Emma Mattsson.

Emma, still in her 20s, shoots many different kinds of homes and businesses for her ‘reportage’ (rep-port-TAYGE) to Scandinavian publications.  Her business card is very sleek and sexy: a black and white abstract image of two young women’s bodies fused together.  I was delighted to watch her work with stylist/writer Petra Kjellstroem at my studio, excited to see how a chic European woman would interpret my cottage.

After she got the shots she needed the light grew too bright and we went to an early dinner.  Returning, the light turned autumnal and golden.  She went up to my loft after Isuggested I light the candles and lamp, and shot.  And shot and shot.  It was like watching a dancer.  Bowing, bending, ear to the floor, then leaning left, right, forward, back, always closer and closer.  

Emma ‘got’ what I tried to do with a fantasy space, and shot it in the way a romantic would see it.  And the gift of her interpretation of my cottage is priceless.  I love the way Emma saw it.

Until next time, stay shabby!

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All Things Chic 2 said...

Hi... Just found your beautiful blog. I love your way of doing things , and now I'm inspired ...Thanks...I just started blogging and I would like to invite you to visit by blog...Blessings Lori

Karen Harper said...

Those are breathtaking shots Sandy. I can only hope that someday I will be a fraction of that talented in photography. She is truly an artist.

Shabby chic Sandy said...

Breathtaking is the perfect word for those shots. I love the first one--the blurred chandelier and that rose at the bottom. That photo is a treasure--thanks for sharing with us! It inspires me to try to be more creative with my photography.

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

Hi Sandy! I suppose it comes down to a matter of taste, but I LOVE the style of these photos, and understand what you are saying about the photographer enhancing the mood of the space. Completely dreamy!

Bella said...

Hi Sandy,
Your vision and hers have created a dream... ethereal!

Norma said...

It takes a vey rare talent to capture the soul that inhabits a space, it's truly been accomplished in these magical photographs. They are utterly enchanting.

Mariette said...

Dearest Sandy,

Emma is a very talented young photographer; no doubt. But you are a very keen observer in the way you worded her work here. Classy work girl, you are getting better and better at it. Seems that your mind is free to formulate your most inner thoughts about the romance you created around you. Wishing you lots of success on your way up; up and up!!!

Love to you,


Anonymous said...

I am in love with both shots,so dreamy,so romantic,so beautiful....
Love to you Sandy x

It's me said...

Beautiful pictures..........love from Holland.......xxx...

Debra @ Common Ground said...

What amazing photos, just magical!

Linda said...

Breathtaking, Sandy! Simply.
Wishing you a beautiful day,
Linda at BeautifulIdeas

Julie L. Light said...

These photos are stunning! Sound like y'all had a fun time.
Have a fabulous day!

Anonymous said...

The shots are ethereal - just gorgeous. And I love the way you described how Emma 'danced' to get just the right angle and light. :)

Wishing you a lovely one, Sandy!

à la parisienne said...

Her shots are definitely taken with a romantic eye...and her style of photography is quite unique-a nice breath of fresh air.

These are perfect works of art that showcase YOUR work of art!


Rhonda said...

I bet your were in a trance watching Emma work, right? To see things through other's eyes, is so much fun.

I love soft lighting and shadows, she captured your window and lamp so well.

xo Rhonda

NanaDiana said...

How amazing it is to watch someone like that work. It is an art in itself. Breathtaking shots!!! I think about you often and am keeping you in my prayers as you move forward- xo Diana

Bring Pretty Back said...

Sandy , PRETTY as always!!! And ,don't you just LOVE it when someone "gets" you!!!!!
Have a pretty day!

A Cottage Muse said...

Oh Sandy, her photos are wonderful!
Seeing these beautiful images has made me feel that I have gotten to know you a little more!
Hope you are well!

Marie Arden said...

Oh these are stunning. She is very talented! What wonderful treasures to have of your studio. My thoughts are with you and I hope the next weeks bring you some spring weather and some joy.

Made in Persbo...Carina said...

Hi Sandy,

Oh I just love the photos of your cottage in evening light! Must have been a wonderful visit!

Warm hugs, Carina

Lili said...

Breathtaking! I love the way you described the photo session too, it sounds so incredible. xo ~Lili

Sizzle and Zoom said...

Dreamy, beautiful photos!

susan said...

The pictures are beautiful! I'm intrigued by the description of your decorating style. I'm following and would love you to stop by and visit me. Thanks!

Katherines Corner said...

heavenly, as always. Thank you for linking to the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop linky party xo


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