Sunday, October 24, 2010

Les Citrouilles

Rather more elegant than “pumpkins”, “Les Citrouilles” are the supremely talented
Fifi O’Neill’s French take on traditional American displays, and I daresay I’m never
going back to orange gourds and hardy mums. 

Image courtesy of Fifi O'Neill

They’re so simple to make.  
All you need is:

*Plastic pumpkins $1 - $7 each at your local craft or discount store.   (I went to Michael’s and Wal-Mart.   Real works, too, but they need extra coats of paint.)

*Hot glue gun

*Glue sticks


*1” – 2” Paint brush

*Various paints in shades of white and cream

*Embellishments   (I found the glass ‘diamonds’ in the vase filler aisle, and the tendrils and leaves in the Holiday floral pick bins at Michael’s.   I placed vintage rhinestone earrings on a few, beads on others, and sequins off a broken pair of flip-flops.)

*Glitter   (I use Martha Stewart’s White Gold and Florentine Gold from my craft kit, and some lovely coppery German glass glitter given to me by one of my gentle readers that insists on remaining anonymous.)

Paint the pumpkins and let dry.    Hot glue your decorations on.    Use a paintbrush to cover the tops with glue and scatter with glitter.    Arrange on silver or mercury glass votives and candlesticks. 

This elegant centerpiece cost $12.    I went for an all-white theme because I knew
I’d have photoshoots for Skona Hem magazine and the wedding website
Kiss The Groom this October.

For a more natural look, try the popular little white pumpkins available at
specialty food stores and farmstands, or grow them yourself!
Pumpkins should be started indoors around April Fool's Day and planted
out after all danger of frost is gone.

Here, Mira Schnepf of Belle Blanc uses white “Baby Boo” pumpkins,
simple and unadorned, and the result is as magnificent as sparkle and rhinestones.

I’m thrilled to think I’ve either met or corresponded with Fifi and Mira,
and I’m so happy to spread the word these sweet and talented women
have books coming out soon!

Fifi is the first editor to take an interest in my studio,
so I am very grateful for her and her friendship.
You can pre-order her book "Romantic Prairie Style" at Amazon.

Mira is the first author I’ve interviewed, and she’s as kind and generous with words
as she is with sharing her decorating ideas. 
(I’m trying my hand at writing articles while clinging on to my day job with the other.)

BELLE BLANC - Aus Liebe zu Weiß
available on Amazon February 2011 EUR 29,90 (D); ISBN 978-3-512-03354-4
It is written in German, but beauty transcends language.

They’ll be as loaded with eye candy as a child’s sack after Halloween so be sure to buy each!

Until next time, stay shabby!

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