Sunday, October 24, 2010

Les Citrouilles

Rather more elegant than “pumpkins”, “Les Citrouilles” are the supremely talented
Fifi O’Neill’s French take on traditional American displays, and I daresay I’m never
going back to orange gourds and hardy mums. 

Image courtesy of Fifi O'Neill

They’re so simple to make.  
All you need is:

*Plastic pumpkins $1 - $7 each at your local craft or discount store.   (I went to Michael’s and Wal-Mart.   Real works, too, but they need extra coats of paint.)

*Hot glue gun

*Glue sticks


*1” – 2” Paint brush

*Various paints in shades of white and cream

*Embellishments   (I found the glass ‘diamonds’ in the vase filler aisle, and the tendrils and leaves in the Holiday floral pick bins at Michael’s.   I placed vintage rhinestone earrings on a few, beads on others, and sequins off a broken pair of flip-flops.)

*Glitter   (I use Martha Stewart’s White Gold and Florentine Gold from my craft kit, and some lovely coppery German glass glitter given to me by one of my gentle readers that insists on remaining anonymous.)

Paint the pumpkins and let dry.    Hot glue your decorations on.    Use a paintbrush to cover the tops with glue and scatter with glitter.    Arrange on silver or mercury glass votives and candlesticks. 

This elegant centerpiece cost $12.    I went for an all-white theme because I knew
I’d have photoshoots for Skona Hem magazine and the wedding website
Kiss The Groom this October.

For a more natural look, try the popular little white pumpkins available at
specialty food stores and farmstands, or grow them yourself!
Pumpkins should be started indoors around April Fool's Day and planted
out after all danger of frost is gone.

Here, Mira Schnepf of Belle Blanc uses white “Baby Boo” pumpkins,
simple and unadorned, and the result is as magnificent as sparkle and rhinestones.

I’m thrilled to think I’ve either met or corresponded with Fifi and Mira,
and I’m so happy to spread the word these sweet and talented women
have books coming out soon!

Fifi is the first editor to take an interest in my studio,
so I am very grateful for her and her friendship.
You can pre-order her book "Romantic Prairie Style" at Amazon.

Mira is the first author I’ve interviewed, and she’s as kind and generous with words
as she is with sharing her decorating ideas. 
(I’m trying my hand at writing articles while clinging on to my day job with the other.)

BELLE BLANC - Aus Liebe zu Weiß
available on Amazon February 2011 EUR 29,90 (D); ISBN 978-3-512-03354-4
It is written in German, but beauty transcends language.

They’ll be as loaded with eye candy as a child’s sack after Halloween so be sure to buy each!

Until next time, stay shabby!

 I'll be sharing this with White Wednesday at Faded*Charm,
and Cindy's Show and Tell Friday at My Romantic Home,
please join us in sharing all the pretty submissions! 

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Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

Les Citrouilles does sound so much more dreamy just like everything Fifi touches. The best thing about Fifi is she's as kind as she is talented, there's no end to her sharing!

The white pumpkins you used for your shoots with Skona Hem & Kiss the Groom turned out beautifully, Sandy. Think the world of Mira and all the talent & graciousness she possesses too.

Hoping I can get Skona Hem here to see your feature.

Bella said...

Hi Sandy, Gorgeous, pure fantasy, perfect for your wonderful white world of dreams:-))

Home and Heart said...

I am just in love with your tiny getaway. I could live there. (Well if I didn't have 3 boys, and snuck in when you weren't looking!) Fifi is talented at everything she touches. Thanks for the peeks into your special space!

hobbyvimsa said...

Beutiful!!!Hugs from Norway

Sheilla ~ Style de Bohême said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sheilla ~ Style de Bohême said...

Hi Sandy, I love the glitter pumpkins, or "Les Citrouilles". I am so excited for you regarding all the recent happenings! I'm hoping your mention of Fifi means that we'll soon be seeing you in Romantic Country. ~Sheilla

Kathy said...

Right up my alley!
Loved doing this type this year also...even added a little royalty!
xoxo~Kathy @
Sweet Up-North Mornings...

A Cottage Muse said...

Oh, they came out so magical!! Thank you for sharing and have a wonderful week!!

Jeanine Burkhardt said...

Sandy... LoVe the "White Pumpkin Vignette with BliNg"!*!*! It's just PeRfeCt for your shelf...
Jeanine, ChiPPy!-SHaBBy!

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Magnifique!! Les citrouilles taking on a new life!! I love it!

, Sherry

NanaDiana said...

Sandy- It is beautiful..absolutely beautiful. Fifi has such a way with everything she does...but then, so do you! I love this post...and I LOVE your pumpkins. Great job- Smiles- Diana

Amy @MaisonDecor said...

Sandy these pumpkins are lovely! I have to try making some myself, so thanks for the how to! I shared your blog link on twitter "the most romantic pumpkins ever". They look so pretty on that shelf in front of the mirror. Gotta love that Fifi!

Cinderella Moments said...

I'm all about those fairytale pumpkins with the gorgeous creams, browns and even the faded orange. They look so much more luxurious. I even use them under my Christmas tree. So they do double duty! Your arrangement looks gorgeous.
I hope you get to quit your day job someday and go full time Shabby Chic expert to the world!


Passionate for White said...

Simply THE most dreamy pumpkins I've EVER seen!

chickie said...

Your pumpkins are makes the room more personal.Looking forward to seeing more.Have a bright day...Chickie

* French Farmhouse 425 * said...

~*~*Beautiful pumpkins Sandy!! You are so talented!~*~*Hugs,Rachel~*~

vivalacabin said...

I've always been a fan of white pumpkins, but this takes it to a new level!
Love it.

Mariette said...

Dearest Sandy,

Your white pumpkins look like they fell from heaven one foggy morning; just landing in the right spot at your Streamside Studio...
Personally I'd rather go for real white ones as that keeps our planet green!
Mira's book sounds wonderful and I have paid her blog a visit and left her a note in German. Fifi seems to be a very talented lady as well!

Sunny greetings from Georgia,


Debby said...

They are so beautiful. I know mine would never come out like that.

Ginger said...

Just beautiful pumpkins, just like Cinderellas coach!!!! You know I just realized that is when I fell in love with glitter. Watching Cinderella!! You are awesome.

Sue said...

Hi Sandy,
I saw your tweet and I'm curious about the shoot you'll be doing in NOLA. Please tell us more about it here, or on Facebook!!
Your post today inspired me to decorate a white plastic pumpkin I already had with glitter & some of my aurora borealis vintage rhinestone jewelry. I used a white iridescent pipe cleaner to make the 'curly Q' & 3 silver leaves from a silk Christmas arrangement. It's now perched on a mercury glass vase & looks quite elegant! Love your ideas!!!

Marina Mott said...

Great post!!

Amy @MaisonDecor said...

Hi Sandy, I tweeted up your gorgeous creations yesterday! I wanted to invite you to come by my blog for a giveaway: The French Inspired Home book, its really filled with beautiful images you would enjoy!

Cara said...

those are fabulous! I love them!!
<3 Cara
I'm giving away a $45 gift card @ Lilac and Grey-Come on over & enter!!

Jojo said...

Your pumpkins look like Cinderella pumpkins. Just imagine a table setting with all those glittering beauties with candlelight. Truth be known, you could use these all through the holiday season.

Katty said...

Hi Sandy! I really adore your blog. Love your white pumpkins.
~Have a wonderful day~

Harry Hilders said...

cool pumpkins :) nice post!

Kathy said...

Sandy, thank you for the great ideas using the white pumpkins! Orange is definitely not "shabby", and the white Les Citrouilles will be a great alternative. I'm so glad that I found out how to access your blog in Country Victorian. I'm in awe of your gorgeous cottage. You are very inspirational!

Elyse said...

hi sandy,

i'm editing sonia's magazine for her and got a sneak-peek at your contribution. beautiful! LOVE the dreidel reference. could there be another shabby-blogger from the tribe? LOL

happy fall


Marcia V. of Precious Style Blog said...

I love this look. So different than the traditional Halloween decor. Very chic!


Hi Sandy, thank you soooooo much for featuring Bianca's and my book. We are just working on some last details... can't wait to finish the work... It was a great experience but a lot of hard work for us as we both have full-time jobs...

I think that fifi's book is going to be just amazing and I will defintely buy one...

hugs & kisses,
I'll keep my fingers crossed for you darling,


Anonymous said...

Beautiful photographs and the sparkley pumpkins are precious! It was such a thrill to see you on the Nate Show. It's funny, because when I first saw your studio, I thought Nate would just love this place! The next thing I knew, you were his feature! Congratulations on your talent and success! Marcia

clustres said...

These are just wonderful. I started painting real pumpkins a long time ago because I got tired of carving them. Then I got tired of real ones just rotting eventually so I started painting anything fake that looks remotely like a pumpkin!
P.S. Saw you on Nate Berkus! I was so excited since I had posted about you before I saw it!

Mona/Villa Tverrteigen said...

What a beautiful blog!
Love it :))
Have a nice day and take care.
Hugs, Mona from Norway

Anonymous said...

Yum! All of it is so very gorgeous, Sandy!
Hugs to you,

chateaudelille said...

Everything you do is just so beautiful and perfect.Your vignette is exquisite! Fiona

Nook Cranny Gifts said...

Your pumpkins are fantastic. My daughter and I painted hers with metallic paints, that turned out well, too.
Love them!!
Thanks for sharing.

The shabby paris market said...

I love the white pumpkins...gorgeous in your dreamy little cottage : )

The French Maid said...

Beyond beautiful! I love the sparles at the stems, too! I once saw the pretties autum wedding using these! Thanks for the book ideas, too. What great Christmas gifts they would make!
--Lee Ann

Amanda@RelovedRubbish said...

I am loving your glittery little pumpkin display in white! It is gorgeous!

I just found your blog and I am so glad I did. Your blog and studio are so inspiring to me :) I can't wait to read more!


P.S. I am your newest follower :)

Sonia said...

I love the way your pumpkins turned out Sandy. Love your whites as always!!

Sarah said...

How beautiful! I love the glitter and glass!

Sarah said...

I can't thank you enough for telling me about the painted and glittered pumpkins. I love them! Gotta do them.

come visit

Olivia said...

Hello sweetie! I adore these pumpkins! Fabulous! I am a huge fan of Fifi! I would be on cloud nine to get even an email from her. Great job your spot is gorgeous!

Courtney ~ French Country Cottage said...

Hi~ Absolutely beautiful!!! I adore them all!! The pink, the glitter, the white- just gorgeous! :)

Theresa said...

Those are really beautiful! thanks for sharing! Theresa xoxo

Italian Girl in Georgia said...

So pretty Sandy! ...and so Fifi too.

I have used white pumpkins for years and just love them. They go much better with my cobalt blue and yellow dining room than orange would. Maybe I'll add some glitter to them for the holidays.

Can't wait to see the books out on the store shelves.

Ciao bella,

Anonymous said...

Jingle blog
Jingle blog
Jingle all the way.
I love your blog and giveaway
So I put it in a song!

Happy Holidays, Ho-Ho-Hope I win!- :) cindy

Anonymous said...

This site made my heart skip a beat! It's absolutely wonderful! Thank you!

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Finally,a way to decorate for fall without all of the orange and browns.I love these and will be making them.thanks! Angelina

Kitt Wilcox said...


Kitt Wilcox said...



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