Sunday, February 14, 2010

My Shabby Office

When I’m not doing what I love at the Shabby Streamside Studio, I’m a federal employee working as a fiscal administrator. I’m incredibly lucky to have 12 years at such a nice office with such lovely colleagues. I’m known both as ‘The Pink Lady’ (for obvious reasons), and ‘The Egg Lady’ since I bring my hens’ eggs in to sell when I have too many.

I’ve been able to have a flexible schedule, which has been a boon from the 7 years I worked two full-time jobs, to now when I need more time at home.

Until next time, stay shabby and make it a great day!
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Marlene said...

Sandy, Your last comment struck a cord in me..I all to well understand the statement of not liking art and business together..I found I can not do both..the pressures of a money making business does effect my creative flow..and my times with those I love.. I always give thanks that I can create my space and art at my own pace and help others with thier creative process
I think sharing the beauty you create in a book would be just amazing!!!! Marlene

Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) said...

Hi Sandy, You've made your office a beautiful little spot...a bit of home away from home. I'm weird...I like to keep home as far away from my office as possible. I have nothing there that speaks of home...nothing. Love your comment about being our own "blog editors." We are, aren't we? That's too funny but oh, so true. LOL
Huge CONGRATS, on the NY Times piece! Love the side view of your studio with the mountains in the distance. :-)

Mariette said...

Dearest Sandy,

Can't get over the fact of how few comments you got from the start on...
Love this blog and the statement towards the end about your book, that dream has come true now!

Enjoy your job and everything else where you put your heart in!



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