Thursday, January 7, 2010

Welcome to the 'Love Shack'!

A view of 'mon petit atelier shabby' from my woods.

A few years ago, I decided I didn't want to live in my huge Ulster County farmhouse any longer.  My dear husband had the same idea.  Our four dogs loved it, too.  On the web we found 14 acres of woods in the Catskills (Frank Lumia Real Estate) with a stream and tiny hunting cabin. I of course didn't have the $45,000 cash, so I refinanced my farmhouse and bought this.

The market started crashing, I had trouble selling, and ended up working two jobs to keep afloat.  (Big deal, I worked two full-time jobs for 7 years to buy the house.)

But, just before I turned 40 the farmhouse sold, and without a mortgage I have the freedom to work 75% time.  The transaction didn't leave me with much money, but I'm used to being a pauper by now.

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Raven Willow Moon said...


Wow, you have put such hard work and patience into achieving the type of lifestyle you desired, this inspires me to no end!
I hope to one day be a homeowner of my very own magical cottage <3

Enchanted Blessings <3

Thanks for following me!



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