Thursday, January 14, 2010

My Ornament Collection: The Big 80s

I began collecting Christmas ornaments when I was a sophomore at Wheaton College in Norton, Massachusetts.  I originally found 3 of the soft pearl-gold example of these beauties at a boutique in Boston’s Faneuil Hall, sold singly for the astronomical price of $5 each in 1987.  (You could get 4 for $5 or so boxed in a discount store.)  These Lauscha Glas 'Christmas by Krebs' remain my all-time favorites.  One can identify a Krebs by the Dresden-paper styling of the crown at the top.

The ornament in the front with the sheer pink fabric rose (a wedding applique from Michael's) is me shabbifying the masterful Krebs design.   The ribbon is from the post-holiday 50% off bin, and the rhinestones are from the trim on a doggie dress ZuZu can't wear because they caught in her fur. 
All hot glued on.


In 2006, my live Christmas tree fell over, crushing 2 of the three and many other irreplacables. Thank you Etsy seller Timeless N’Chic!

I not only have replaced my lost friends, but added the white, rose, and buff beauties to my fold!

In 2008, I discovered Martha Stewart’s ‘Florentine Gold’ glitter at Michael’s. This is the first glitter I've found that’s fine and dainty enough to replicate the Kreb’s Lauscha Glas design on other ornaments. Not that I’m wonderful at free-handing the design in glue, but at least that--plus the gold braid and appliqués from the broken ornaments--could be salvaged and re-applied to plain, boring ones.

I experimented with Dresden trim with different degrees of success.

This vintage wired floral-type stem was tossed in for free when I purchased some chandelier crystals at a rust & dust shop – The Antique Mall of Shirley, NY on my way home from work one night. This is the next thing I aim to reproduce.

Victoriana was so popular in the 1980s!   How I miss it.  This ornament also came from the 1987 Faneuil Hall shopping trip.   It was a whopping $14, expensive even by today’s standards.   I’ve never found the materials to replicate it.   Maybe I’ll get lucky on Etsy again.

Until next time, stay shabby!

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Diane said...

Very good ideas, I love how you altered the plain ornaments, they look lovely. My collection is crazy I LOVE vintage Christmas. Hugs, Diane


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