Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Decorating Tips from Nina Part I: Rustic & Romantic

Fluffy white angel wings on a black bulldog: Nina in a nutshell.

Vintage crinoline and my homemade church candelabra.  Ruffled leavened with rustic.
The crinoline was $18 at The Salvation Army and the candelabra was practically free. 

Balance in romantic home accessories: white and black, roses and tarnished metal, 
refined linens and raw burlap.  Authentic only.

First off, I must thank all of you for your kind words and advice in response to my recent tragedies and troubles.  I’ll heal much faster with encouragement.  I’m looking into master’s programs, too, to raise my earning potential.  I fear the money and time it will all cost, along with the knowledge I may not be better off after all’s said and done.  But one must try, for failure is certain if one does not.

As promised, I’m writing a series of posts on Nina Hartmann and how her style has influenced my decorating.  

Nina says:

Compliment every feminine accessory (such as lace boudoir/wedding textiles) with a masculine accessory (such as old mannequins or my favorite – shed deer antlers).

Nina suggests zinc, raw or dark wood, old wicker, weathered metal, and industrial materials to get the look.*

(*Cited from 'Jeanne d’Arc Living' Autumn 2010 cover feature on Nina.)

Getting an authentic feeling in your home means skipping Restoration Hardware or Pottery Barn items.  Go for homemade and handmade.  It saves money and you’ll never have that impersonal cookie-cutter effect.  My favorite Etsy shops for this look are:

Want to learn more tips and where to shop?

Until next time, stay shabby!

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NanaDiana said...

Wonderful insight into the knowledge you gained from Nina. Good for you for looking into the master's program. Blessings to you- xo Diana

Rosemary@villabarnes said...

Beautiful post. Wishing you all the best as you look into the Master's program. I so agree about handmade and unique items in your surroundings.

Rhonda said...

Decisions like this are the hardest, Sandy. I pray your decision comes to you and it is an easy transition.

How you don't have your own decorating program, is beyond me.

Come on, Bravo, we have a very talented woman here!!!!

Tekeros said...

Qlxchange Ha detto: interessante

It's me said...

Hi Sandy......that book is so great !! miss the new Franciska Christmas book on your blog ! is also in our webshop.....and i am in this time !! that feeling......have a nice day from

Shingle Cottage said...

Hi Sandy,
I will keep you in my prayers for all future success in which ever way life may take you,thank you for sharing Nina's decorating tips with us,i can not wait to read her book,
Love and light to you,
Krissie xxx

Linda Carole Bloom said...

Love Nina's style, and it's nice hearing from you! That Frenchy with the wings is precious! Master's program - good for you!! I got my bachelors a couple of years ago - you are never too old to learn new stuff. (I used PERLA to write all my papers - it sets things up automatically), for those of us who are not into APA format. Keep on keeping on! Love, Linda

Curtains in My Tree said...

I guess I will have to find the book by Nina and look through it , It is on more blogs advertising it.
and we always want more decor books

good luck getting your masters, and I sure hope it brings more money to you from jobs, I think selling our treasure is a great education, I love the learning we get from junking Lol you know what I mean so much talent out here now days and just how you can turn something you find in an old shed and then put it in your living room or bedroom or kitchen and it look so great

well anyway bye happy treasure hunting

I love that baby bull dog with the white wings

busanalayali said...

Your photos are just amazing! I am so in love with them!
toko busana muslim

summersoul said...

I do exactly that in my house. There is a lot of white linen which is offset by old weathered metals, mostly zinc. And good for you for looking to further your education. I cannot imagine that it would not serve you. Take good care

Burlap Luxe said...

Hi Sandy, I am always charmed by your beauty and the inspiration you so inspire.

I am having a GiveAway for Nina
Vintage by Nina and would love if you came by and entered.
I know you have won my GiveAway before and you never know it could be your turn again.

Thank you for all your beauty in all things white and romantic. For my home has only, truly only about two things in it that is a popular retail buy and that is a Restoration Home French canvas pillow and a Target Lamp, everything else is time worn with history and upcycled with salvaged also the use of handmade, I vowed years ago being in the design trade as an interior designer that I could no longer live with mass-production, that I wanted and had to live with the soul of a treasured find, its taken time to fill my heart with the right things but as time serves us well I can now just add here and there and take away when need be.

Thank you for this inspiring post with living well with what touches the edges of our hearts soulfully.
Take care of yourself
many blessings in your education journey.

Hubba said...

Love that little dog!

I Heart Pears

Hubba said...

Love that little dog!

I Heart Pears

Courtney {Honeycomb Creative Co.} said...

Thank you very much for featuring my etsy shop (a prairie market) in your post. I'm very honored! Your blog is gorgeous!


Hi Sandy! So pretty the Bulldog with the angel wings... adorable! I wish you a nice summertime and I send you a big hug from Switzerland. Here is now raining.. but soon the sun will come :) Kiss, LISA LIBELLE

Khairul Islam said...

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Humaun Kabir said...

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