Thursday, April 7, 2011

Katrina Patina: Karina Gentinetta’s New York Times Feature On Rebuilding Over Ruin

Karina’s late father surely is looking down upon her today, bursting with pride.   I believe I feel just as proud: my dear friend Karina Gentinetta’s feature is published in The New York Times.
Joyce Walder’s words moved me to tears—a tough thing to do when you already know the story.   With the images from Japan so fresh in our minds, it is easy to imagine poor Karina walking around the mud pit that used to be her beautiful home.   One needs the strength of a supernatural being to get through that, but to me, her chutzpah during her three-year struggle to rebuild awes me more.   The crises in her career, marriage, and a hideously long commute in a broken New Orleans is the sort of tortuous agony that the day-to-day marathon of strength really is needed.
New Orleans gets its magic from its people, and, like the twist of bittersweet humor in a jazz funeral Karina marched on.   With the infallible work ethic of the American immigrant she shoved her shoulder into rebuilding.
I thought now would be a great time to share pictures from the 1stdibs opening reception at the New York Design Center in February.   Karina was so nervous the first time she went to Manhattan to set up her booth she had a panic attack before boarding her flight back to New Orleans.   Of course, I made sure I was at the airport to pick her up (in sweats, sneakers, no makeup, who cares?) to circumvent a reoccurrence, but I had to use subterfuge because like all strong people she said she'd 'be fine'.   I looked her flight up online and just showed up.   I went to the Garment District to research fabric wholesalers and when I returned two hours later Karina was gorgeously turned out in a little black dress and super high heels.

Karina graciously put me on the list, and everyone there was quite kind, all smiling and handsomely dressed (including the small doggies).   I thought some faces looked familiar, and Karina said designers like Alexa Hampton and socialites were there.   Naturally, I thought Karina’s booth was prettiest, especially since it seemed most dealers sold modern decor.   Karina fit right in, dressed in all black.   We New Yorkers say we like fashion but wear the same uniform anyway.

But the story is about Karina’s house.   Read about Karina here, and at her blog here, and view her art—I mean—her antiques—here at 1stdibs.

Until next time, stay shabby!

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Alyssa said...

BEautiful! What an amazing experience. Tomorrow I will be viewing aprons from the garment district at an invitation only boutique. I'm very excited as you must have been to share in that experience. I will be checking out her blog/site. Thanks for sharing. It's simply beautiful! Alyssa of Boston Bee ;)

Karen said...

So exciting to have a feature in the Times. I'm familiar with Katrina's beautiful furniture and store. I'm going to check out her story.

Mariette said...

Dearest Sandy,

Yes, it is a moving story about someone with the tenacity to move on. Only the sky is the limit, IF you want to reach for it!
Thanks for sharing Karina's feature in the New York Times.
The story about the home in southern France could well have been about one of the Castles near Venice, Italy... We lived and worked there and had a tour with an Italian Prince one day. But remodelling is tough there with NO indoor plumbing yet.

Lots of love,


SizzleandZoom said...

Wonderful post about your friend. I am going to visit her blog.

Burlap Luxe said...

Sandy what a friend you have, and a story as well! She has built her wings on the way down to only then soar!!

I love her fashion style, in awwww! and would love to take it all in, in person of course!!

Inspiring post my dear friend!

Please come for a laugh, I am doing another eco-natural giveaway!!! could lightening strike twice for you!! :)

Would love to see you enter, and if you have something great or good to say about the product that would be fabulous !!!

see you soon inspiring friend!
now I am off to paint :)

It's me said...

Nice post !! exciting for her....lovely day love love

kerrie of sea cottage said...

What a beautiful friend you are. I have not heard of Karina but I look forward to following your links to read. I can understand the panic attack...I've had those when going to a new city that overwelms me. But she is an overcomer! I love the new look to your blog. Those napkins you won from Tracie are gorgeous. I just won one of her beautiful giveaways...she is so generous and a dear friend. I saw your cottage in a foreign Vogue...I can't remember if it was British or Italian. But it was a lovely lovely spread!!! ox

Norma said...

Thanks for sharing this Sandy, her story is inspiring. I see that she says she's a perfectionst - probably explains the panic attack - it's hell wanting/needing everything to go just so all the time! :) She is one stylish woman who has the magic touch when it comes to interiors. Oh heck, one more blog to follow ...

A Cottage Muse said...

Thanks Sandy...this is just an amazing tale with a beautiful outcome!

linnea-maria said...

What a cute friend you are. She has really risen after a heavy fall. Gold and whites, beautiful furnitures!! /Therese

Anonymous said...

Oh I'm so glad you posted this! I'm going to her blog right now!

meandering pearl said...

the courage to overcome & hope which leads to achievement truly is a most amazing thing!!! her store {& home!!!}is absolutely gorgeous!!!

sending loveliness for you dear Sandy!!!


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