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Review of ‘Belle Blanc: Aus Liebe zu Weiß’ by Mira Schnepf and Bianca Aurich

All content from Belle Blanc: Aus Liebe zu Weiss by Mira Schnepf and
Bianca Aurich, published by Busse Seewald, 2011

At long last, I can glue my bookplate in.  

Belle Blanc: Aus Liebe zu Weiß (Beautiful White: For the Love of White)
ISBN 978-3-512-03354-4

9 x 11”
High quality paper with the title embossed in zinc foil. Yummy.


“Why should I buy this book?   It’s $50, their blogs are free to view, and it’s in German.”


Just in case you’re thinking this, and I doubt you are, gentle reader, I will relay why you should.

The price is now $34 with free shipping from The Book Depository.

It’s the sort of book that never gets shelved.   It’ll stay on my dresser or in my tote bag.

If you love New England/Cape Cod, Cottage, and Jeanne d’Arc Living décor, this book is a must for those aspiring to perfect the ,,White and Worn” style.   Lastly, if you have a weakness for old roses you’re going to have a heart attack at the bounty of them throughout.

Pictures speak louder than words, and it’s obvious to see the book is organized by room and garden.   The experience was like those wordless illustrated books I enjoyed as a child.   If you must, type text into Google Translate and read to your heart’s content.

There are merely two pictures I recognize from their blogs: this is fresh material.   The layout is a dream.    Expanded font.   White space.   Edited palette.   Pictures evenly toned.   All imparts an atmosphere of blissful beauty.

What touched me the most was the level of elegance Mira and Bianca achieve in average suburban homes.    I’m the sort of person that swoons over homes with 14 foot ceilings, rinceau, and 19th century oak floors in a herringbone pattern.   However, these ladies made their spaces as special as can be without adding texture to the walls.   Their Nordic-influenced kitchens will have you ripping out your kitchen cabinets and installing shelving to display your ironstone and French wire kitchenware.   They expertly fuse new fixtures with vintage items in the bathrooms, softening the modernity without muddling the clean lines.   Tasty dishes and recipes round the content out.

Mira and Bianca spent a lot of money and time and it shows: Belle Blanc: Aus Liebe zu Weiß glows with heart.   These are the sort of shots acquired only by planning, waiting, and shooting over & over at different angles on different days.   Old roses bloom only for a few weeks, and they work full-time, so the dedication it took to race home from work when the light was still magic and prop & shoot is extraordinary.   Family, cats, and relaxation time surely were sacrificed for their art.


It’s the way I wanted to do my book, so now I have to think of something else.   It should be in linen with a zinc foil title, but publishers are cutting costs.   I have no idea where in the U.S. I’m going to find those old brass church candelabra now that I need them.   My copy was imported and it took 3 weeks to arrive, so every night I came home hoping to see it in the mail I deflated.

Get The Belle Blanc Look: French and German Grain Sack Pillows

Budget Reprints:

The Real Deal:

Mira (Belle Blanc) and Bianca (White Living) made the leap from blogger to print author and I’m very proud of these two, who have been in my top five favorite blogs since I started out.   I’ve contacted the lovely writer that did my German Elle Decoration article to inform her about this tome, and I haven’t heard back from her yet but I’m certain they’ll be featured in “Elle Deco” in short order.

So, hurry over to The Book Depository and serve yourself a slice of heaven.

Bis zum nächsten Mal, bleiben shabby!

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Anonymous said...

I just knew this book had to be fabulous.


High Street Cottage said...

What a gorgeous book. And stunning images, Sandy. I just love that bathroom too. Hope you have a wonderful weekend, xxx tami

Mariette said...

Dearest Sandy,

What a great editorial you wrote about this classy book! Very well done. Hope they get some pay back for all their many efforts.
Have a great weekend!

Lots of love,


Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

I need to order this book. I have loved Mira's look, her blog and her true heart with lovely heartfelt comments when visiting my blog since I started visiting with her and chatting back and forth about our cats.

I'm hoping I have some key elements here already to get some of the style of Mira's and Bianca's book and possibly add some next weekend on my trip to the flea here in S.F. Guess I'd better order the book so I can take a look!

Happy reading/dreaming over the book.

Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

Where are you in Fifi's book? I see on your sidebar you're featured, how could I miss?

Drop me a line when you get a chance.

SizzleandZoom said...

Are they going to publish it in
english? Did you say it had recipes in it? Why not encourage them to do it in english? It looks beautiful.

jade said...

Good morning, my lovely Sandy.........Miras and Biancas Book is really great, i love it!!! Have a wonderful weekend (here in Bavaria it is soooo sunny and warm, the birds are singing.......),

warm hugs, Jade

It's me said...

Hi Sandy......i know that book it is great !! have a nice love love

Anonymous said...

Hi Sandy!
Looks like a wonderful book ~ filled with inspiration!

Amy @MaisonDecor said...

Sandy the book sounds wonderful!

Marina Mott said...

Gorgeous book!xx

Fabulous Finds Studio/Boutique said...

Thank you for giving us a glimpse. The book looks gorgeous!
Have a fabulous weekend!

swedecollection said...

Sandy, I just ordered the book via your site. I want to support these women. This is an incredible accomplishment for both of them. I also want to study the photography and styling in hopes that one day I may publish also. I, too wish they would publish in a second language - English - but I can just study the pictures.

A Cottage Muse said...

Thank you Sandy...Fifi's book is en route so I'll have to wait a bit!

Lara said...

It is truly one of the prettiest books I have ever seen~ I will treasure my copy forever! I love it all~ the white & worn antique style, the pillows, the dreamiest flowers, the recipes, the kitties, I could go on & on. I got mine from The Book Depository for a great price. :) I don't even mind that I can't read the German.. the pictures speak 1000 words to me.. love this book & I am so glad you reviewed it. Now next up on my list~ Pale & Interesting & of course Fifi's book!

Rhonda said...

Oh, I have to have this book. Wonderful editorial, Sandy.

The images are exactly what I strive for.

I'm heading to Paris next weekend, woo hoo, I'm too excited for words!

NanaDiana said...

What a gorgeous book! Perfect! I love that you are promoting it here-otherwise I would never know about it! Thank you so much...I hope it is warming up by your little studio now that it is Spring! xxoo Diana

tales from an oc cottage said...

I LOVE YOU!!! YOU ROCK! Thx for the heads up on The Depository!!! I JUST ordered it!!! Woohooo! I am over the moon! And you are a dollmuffin!!!! ;}

m ^..^

Burlap Luxe said...

Thank you for sharing such beauty, love her blog as well.
Sandy you always amaze me with your beauty over here :)


Olivia said...

Sandy, Thanks for the review. The images look really pretty. I will ponder this one.

les belles choses said...

Dear Sandy,

thank you for your lovely comment on my blog! You really found the right words for Mira's and Bianca's gorgeous book. It's worth the money, absolutely.

Have a wonderful weekend,

Bee happy said...

Found your wonderful, beautiful blog today and wanted to say hi! This book is amazing, such lovely pictures :)

Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!

Anne Lorys - Fiona and Twig said...

Ahhh, I have that book on order, I cannot wait to receive it!

Hope you are doing well, sweet girl!



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